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Measurement Incorporated (sm论坛) is an employee-owned corporation and leading provider of customized educational assessment services for state departments, other testing companies, and various organizations.

What We Do

Measurement Incorporated鈥檚 commitment to providing high-quality educational products and services in a manner that benefits clients, employees, and the community are reflected in the organization鈥檚 vision, mission, and values.


sm论坛 strives to be a company that lives by its values every day, year after year鈥攁 company that clients seek as a valued partner, that employees appreciate working for, and that the community trusts as a good corporate citizen.


sm论坛 seeks to benefit our clients, employees/owners, community, and profession by providing excellence in assessment.


The success of sm论坛 is founded on these values:

  • sustainable financial success that allows the organization to thrive and that provides our employees with opportunities for prosperity;
  • uncommon commitment to deliver to our clients, in a collaborative relationship, exceptional value, quality, and service;
  • faith in our employees to care for our business and serve our clients, including an ongoing investment in employee sm论坛 development;
  • high performance, effective results, and conduct marked by integrity, trust, and diligence;
  • creativity, innovation, and adaptability in the way we conduct our business and serve our clients;
  • camaraderie and teamwork in the workplace, with all who contribute sharing in the rewards of success; and
  • good corporate citizenship, through which we aspire to make our community and the world a better place.


The members of sm论坛鈥檚 management team have helped to build an enterprise with a distinguished reputation for quality control and excellence. Under their leadership, sm论坛 has expanded its capabilities to incorporate a full spectrum of assessment services including research, test and item development, scoring, reporting, analysis and technical support.

Dr. Henry H. Scherich, Founder & Chief Executive Officer

As Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Measurement Incorporated, Dr. Scherich advises and counsels senior management. Under his leadership, sm论坛 achieved a reputation as the nation鈥檚 foremost contractor in the scoring of performance assessments. Since 1980, Dr. Scherich and the sm论坛 staff have completed large-scale test development, administration, and scoring projects for more than two dozen state departments of education as well as numerous other projects involving field tests, certification exams, machine scoring and processing, development of instructional instruments, and program evaluation. sm论坛鈥檚 extensive corporate capabilities are largely a reflection of Dr. Scherich鈥檚 wide-ranging interests in all aspects of educational assessment.

Dr. Scherich earned a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology with a specialty in Statistics and Measurement from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale in 1975. He previously worked for the Houghton Mifflin Company as Director of Test Research and Scoring Services and for NTS Research Corporation as Measurement and Data Management Center Director. These positions involved test development, test standardization, research projects, scoring services, Title I evaluations, and special projects. Dr. Scherich has also been a high school teacher and guidance counselor.

Mr. Nelson Androes, President & Chief Operating Officer

As President of Measurement Incorporated, Mr. Androes manages the day to day operations of sm论坛鈥檚 staff and services. He is responsible for designing, planning, and implementing business strategies that align corporate services with the evolving needs of customers. He provides overall direction and guidance to all departments ensuring high quality results while maintaining sm论坛鈥檚 mission and vision. Mr. Androes has a proven record of driving the growth of sm论坛鈥檚 technological capabilities to innovate assessment products and services.

Mr. Androes was previously the Senior Vice President of Information Technology at sm论坛, where he planned, coordinated, directed, and designed all operational activities of the IT department as well as provided direction and support for IT solutions that enhanced mission-critical business operations. Prior to joining sm论坛 in 2004, he worked for IBM as software development manager and software engineer and at NCS (now Pearson) as a software developer. Mr. Androes earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Kansas State University.

Dr. Corey Palermo, Chief Strategy Officer

As Chief Strategy Officer at Measurement Incorporated, Dr. Palermo spearheads the development and execution of sm论坛鈥檚 strategic initiatives. He directs the implementation of sm论坛鈥檚 strategic plan, evaluates organizational effectiveness, and cultivates sm论坛鈥檚 research agenda. Previously, he served as Vice President, Performance sm论坛 Scoring at sm论坛.

Dr. Palermo鈥檚 research examines rater effects in large鈥恠cale assessment contexts; automated scoring, in particular automated writing evaluation applications to improve the teaching and learning of writing; and teacher sm论坛 development in the context of large-scale assessment programs. His work has been published in leading peer-reviewed education journals such as: Contemporary Educational Psychology, Journal of Educational Measurement, Journal of Writing Research, and Teaching and Teacher Education. Dr. Palermo holds a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from North Carolina State University. He began his career in education as a teacher in the North Carolina public school system.

Dr. Arianto Wibowo, Chief Information Officer

As Chief Information Officer at Measurement Incorporated, Dr. Wibowo is responsible for optimizing sm论坛's operating model, and for aligning technology implementation to current standard and best practices. He provides direction and guidance to data-driven decision making within the company and oversees the integration of artificial intelligence into sm论坛's products and services.

Dr. Wibowo began his career at sm论坛 as a Psychometrician. With his strong analytical background, he became increasingly involved in cross-departmental projects, improving efficiency and reliability of the company's systems and procedures, and later served as the Director of Data Science and Analytics at sm论坛. Many of his innovative solutions have been integrated into sm论坛's products and services. He holds a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from the University of Twente in The Netherlands.

Mrs. Victoria Torino, Chief Financial Officer

Mrs. Torino is responsible for financial reporting and other administrative functions at Measurement Incorporated, including payroll, tax compliance, benefit program administration, accounts receivable, and accounts payable.

Mrs. Torino has an extensive background in the nonprofit industry and in international finance. She has led finance teams and performed a broad range of financial processes, including financial analysis, budgeting, forecast modeling, and reporting, to meet company goals. Additionally, she is adept at motivating, mentoring, and coaching teams. Mrs. Torino is a Certified Public Accountant and an Enrolled Agent with the IRS. She holds a Bachelor鈥檚 and Master鈥檚 degrees in Publishing Business from Moscow State University of Printing Arts, a Master鈥檚 degree in Accounting from the State University of New York Polytechnic Institute, and a Master鈥檚 degree in Jurisprudence from Texas A&M University. Mrs. Torino鈥檚 research has been published in the Review of International and European Economic Law.

As Vice President, Psychometric Research & Services, Dr. He is responsible for implementation of sm论坛鈥檚 psychometric methodologies, which are aligned with industry best practices. He also establishes and executes a psychometric research agenda aligned with sm论坛鈥檚 organizational goals.

Dr. He鈥檚 research has been published in peer-reviewed journals such as Applied Psychometric Measurement and Journal of Educational Measurement. He regularly presents his research at national conferences and is an active reviewer for a variety of journals and conferences related to educational measurement. He serves on the editorial board of Educational Measurement: Issues and Practice and is a reward committee member of the National Council on Measurement in Education (NCME). Dr. He holds a Ph.D. in Educational Statistics and Measurement from the University of Missouri-Columbia. Prior to joining sm论坛, he worked as a senior psychometrician at ACT.

Mr. Horton supervises the personnel responsible for distribution, collection, storage, and recycling of test materials, and the acquisition and maintenance of physical properties. Mr. Horton joined sm论坛 in 1990 as warehouse manager and assumed the role of Facilities Manager in 1994. Prior to joining sm论坛, he had been warehouse supervisor for Redemco Universal Beverage Company in Avon, Massachusetts.

As Vice President, Performance sm论坛 Scoring, Mr. Lingg oversees all aspects of handscoring work at Measurement Incorporated. He manages a staff of over fifty sm论坛s responsible for recruiting and hiring raters, training raters, scoring responses, and handscoring data and reporting.

Mr. Lingg earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In his 30+ year tenure at sm论坛, he has worked at all levels within sm论坛鈥檚 Performance sm论坛 Scoring unit. He further managed large-scale assessment programs for the states of Michigan and Connecticut for over ten years. Mr. Lingg previously served as Director, Performance sm论坛 Scoring for over five years.

Dr. Menendez co-leads the Evaluation and School Improvement Services unit and serves as the principal investigator of evaluation projects. She is responsible for contributing to business and strategy development, operations, supervision, and finance.

Dr. Menendez began her career at Measurement Incorporated in 1998 as a research associate. She became a senior research associate in 2004. During her 18 years in that role, she directed numerous research and evaluation studies of state- and federal-funded education initiatives. Most of these studies were executed across multiple sites and required multifaceted data collection, complex methodologies, strong coordination, and ongoing collaboration with clients and key stakeholders. Dr. Menendez regularly presents evaluation findings to state boards of education and at national conferences. She holds a Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology from Fordham University.

Olivier Ngueda, Vice President, Project Management Office at sm论坛 leads the strategic and practical delivery of our internal and external projects portfolio, to meet the growth and challenges ahead. As the head of PMO, he will enable the creation of a new DNA of Project/Program Management across sm论坛, by putting in place standard operating procedures, best practices and mechanisms for evaluating our values vis-脿-vis our customers. With a clear focus on growth and customer satisfaction, he also provides extensive coaching and a clear career path for our internal resources to meet the industry challenges.

Our Vice President of PMO has 20 years of experience leading Organizational Change Management, Business Transformation Initiatives and PMOs for companies such as Google Inc, IBM, Cisco Systems, Cognizant, Genentech and more. He has a master's degree in political sciences, and he is also a certified PMP from Stanford University. After two decades spent in Silicon Valley, he is now based in RTP where he has made his new home. His commitment to people, processes and transformation, are needed ingredients for our success today and tomorrow.

As Senior Vice President, Dr. Thomas spearheads the Evaluation and School Improvement Services unit at sm论坛. In his role, Dr. Thomas is responsible for day-to-day operations of the unit as well as cultivating opportunities for expansion, customers, and new markets across areas such as research/evaluation, education, and human services.

Dr. Thomas brings 20 years of successful management experience across public and private sectors. Dr. Thomas began his career as a special education teacher and has served in various capacities across K-12 educational settings including leadership roles across state and local levels. His business sector experiences include executive leadership roles within educational publishing. Dr. Thomas is a certified school and district administrator and holds a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology and Methodology from the State University of New York in Albany.

Mr. Wicker oversees the scoring system software development, document scanning, data analysis, and reporting of assessment responses. Mr. Wicker鈥檚 oversight includes managing the design, development, and implementation of computer software solutions for numerous clients relative to educational assessment data processing and score reporting. Additionally, he is responsible for planning, maintaining, supporting, and upgrading all scoring systems and applications. Mr. Wicker has been with sm论坛 since 2002, and was previously a Software Development Manager in the IT department. Mr. Wicker earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Methodist University. During Mr. Wicker鈥檚 tenure at Measurement Incorporated, he has been involved in the transition from paper based assessments, scoring, and reporting to online delivery of those services.


The Past

In 1975, Dr. Henry Scherich earned a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology, with an emphasis in Statistics and Measurement from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. After gaining substantial work experience in educational publishing and testing, Dr. Scherich was ready to stake his future in the growing testing industry. Measurement Incorporated (sm论坛) was established in 1980 in the basement of his former home on Woodrow Street in Durham, North Carolina.

Under the continued leadership of Dr. Scherich, the sm论坛 staff have successfully completed numerous large-scale assessment projects, scored millions of tests, developed tens of thousands of test items, and produced a multitude of instructional instruments. The company has expanded its scoring facilities and its capacity to provide additional services and technologies related to assessment.

Additional details and the stories behind sm论坛鈥檚 three historic buildings in downtown Durham are presented in the publication History in Our Midst.

The Present

Today, sm论坛 is an employee-owned corporation with a full-time staff of over 300 (and seasonal staff of thousands) that provides customized educational assessment services for state departments, other testing companies, and various organizations. sm论坛 upholds a reputation as an industry leader in hand- and automated scoring solutions, test development services, and school improvement services.

Awards & Recognition

Champion of Democracy Award (Kids Voting - Durham)
North Carolina 100 (Grant Thornton & Business NC Magazine)
Best Practices Award (NC Psychological Association)
Connecting People Award (Volunteer Center of Durham)
Triangle Fast 50 (Triangle Business Journal)
Inner City 100 (Inc. Magazine)
Platinum Rule Awards (Triangle Business Journal)
eLearning Innovation Award (Macromedia): First Place, Education Category
George & Mary Pyne Historic Preservation Award
Employer of the Year (The Arc of Durham County)
Education Top-Priority Award (Chamber of Commerce)
Bright Light Award (Downtown Durham, Inc.)
Small Business of the Year (Chamber of Commerce)
Automated Student sm论坛 Prize Phase One (Hewlett Foundation)
Automated Student sm论坛 Prize Phase Two (Hewlett Foundation)
NAEP Automated Scoring Challenge (National Center for Education Statistics)


Measurement Incorporated (sm论坛) is an employee-owned corporation that invokes a sense of pride and responsibility in its employees toward the customers they serve and the communities in which they live. sm论坛 maintains a humanistic, inclusive work environment for its employees to encourage increased staff morale, loyalty, productivity, and ultimately, profitability. In addition to competitive compensation, sm论坛 offers employee-friendly benefits and workplace policies including health insurance, profit sharing, holidays and paid time off, 401K, paid parental leave, educational reimbursement, and sm论坛 organization memberships.

As a community-conscious organization, sm论坛 regularly participates in programs involving student internships, business development, arts and literacy, historic preservation, community revitalization, recycling, and supporting disadvantaged and disabled individuals.


Corporate Headquarters

215 Morris Street
Durham, NC 27701

phone: (919) 683-2413

Other offices

Albany, NY
41 State St.
Suite 403
Albany, NY 12207

phone: (518) 427-9840

Greensboro, NC
Spring Valley Shopping Center
435 West Meadowview Road
Greensboro, NC 27406

phone: (336) 275-3100

Nashville, TN
2631 Lakevilla Dr
Nashville, TN 37217

phone: 615-831-2100

New York, NY
749 E 135th Street
Suite 222 Bronx NY 10454

Taylor, sm论坛
21520 Ecorse Road
Taylor, sm论坛 48180

phone: (734) 544-7686

White Plains, NY
34 South Broadway, Suite 601
White Plains, NY 10601

phone: (914) 682-1969

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